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Asit Rathod


Why does time seem to move so much faster as we age? Ski seasons and summer holidays seemed to last forever when we were young. I read an article years ago that helped make sense of this phenomenon. 

It explained time is constant, it’s our perception of it that changes. Think of it this way……. at the age of 5 we start forming vivid memories. One season is 1/20th of our existence on this earth. Fast forward to 40….one season is now 1/160th of our existence. Our memories become truncated making it seem as if time is moving faster. In reality time is the same as is has always been, it’s our understanding of it that changes. 

The days are getting shorter, leaves are changing colors, and the night air has a bite letting us know winter is right around the corner. I asked myself why is it that you never hear a kid say “Dude, I sure did work too much this year. Next year I’ll make sure to have more fun.” Seems silly to be an adult sometimes. 

Responsibility is a part of life we all have chosen to take on but should it come at the sacrifice of our happiness? This winter I decided it’s time to focus not only on my work but putting in the work to have more adventures. Moments with my friends and family that have lots of laughs and HI5’s. 

Time makes all things equal. I want to look back in the end and say…….“Damn that was one hell of a ride. I didn’t leave any of my dreams undone.” 

To a big winter of adventures for us all!

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