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Asit Rathod


Life is way too short…….stop wasting it…… just do what makes you happy.

Everything seems to have a label these days so let me label this experience…’BROLIDAY’. A day spent with your best brothers just being ‘BRO’S’. A day that has no pressure to do something great, just a day to have fun.

A day with your favorite whiskey, cigar, cheese/bread, and with a view meant for gods. A day shared with old bros and new bros with no goal other than to have a Broliday. A day one can share sadness, happiness, and ones fears with trusted bros.

Being honest with others is easy, being honest with yourself is all that matters. I don’t know the path to happiness but I do know one thing….. I am the happiest when I am true to myself. Do what makes you happy, F the rest.

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